Card Games

Love Letter

A simple game of deduction with the goal of getting your love letter to the princess.


Acquire gold and build your city by hiring new roles. Beware of assassins and thieves.


Expand your kingdom by building a more powerful deck than your opponents.


“Rebuild Carcassonne: one card at a time”


Two hunters team up and shed hands to defeat the chimera.

The Dwarf King

A simple trick-taking game filled with dwarves, knights, and goblins.

7 Wonders

Porgress through three ages as you grow your civilization and strive to achieve greatness.

Lost Cities

Do you have what it takes to become the most successful archaeological explorer?


Race to find your way to the gold, but beware. A saboteur standsĀ among your ranks.


Outmaneuver and foil the plans of fellow pirates also out for booty.


Explore dungeons and battle monsters in a race to level up your character.


Will you be able to create a spectacular fireworks display with help from your team?

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