Games with 45×68 mm Sized Cards


Claim what’s right for your faction in an alternate 1920’s period.

Bora Bora

Roll dice to build out island tribes and win the favor of the gods.


Will you use your psychic powers to identify suspects properly?

Camel Up

Five camels enter a race. Can you figure out which ones will place?

Ora et Labora

Build out your monastery to become the most prestige of all.


From humble beginnings, you aspire to make your vineyard great.


Compete with friends and foes to discover the secrets of alchemy.


Switch between the role of farmer and panda to grow and eat your way to victory.


Teams compete to see who can identify their agents first. Will you succeed?

Ticket to Ride

Expand your railroad empire across America, connecting cities along the way.


“Rebuild Carcassonne: one card at a time”

Police Precinct

Solve a murder while keeping the streets safe. Easy enough, right?